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Welcome to SLMAO.com.

We take laughing pretty seriously. In fact, it’s one of our favorite things to do. That’s why we keep our eyes peeled for hilarious videos, blog posts, photos and more. Usually, we find these funny nuggets of information when we’re supposed to be doing something else… namely, working. And when trapped in cubeland, you can’t let out a really hearty belly laugh without alerting suspicion from coworkers. Or worse, the bosses. So when we find these great bits of internet comedy, we’re usually stuck smirking at the computer screen, shoulders convulsing uncontrollably, tears streaming down our faces. It’s a great ab workout.

We’re sharing the mirth and good cheer with you! Because if there’s one thing that’s more fun than silently laughing your ass off, it’s thinking about your friends silently laughing their asses off, too. If you’re silently laughing your ass off, let us know! Hit us up on Twitter or join our Flickr group and post your hilarious photos.

Here’s to silently laughing your ass off through the workday.

-The SLMAO.com Team