Screw You, AT&T!

// December 25th, 2009 // Funny Blogs

Steve Jobs makes me silently laugh my ass off.Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. Have you heard of it? Well, he’s breaking some balls over at AT&T.

Okay, so it’s not really *the* Steve Jobs, he’s the Fake Steve Jobs. But he’s pretty much the coolest dude, ever, and has one hell of a rant for the executive warlords of the shitty network in charge of connecting iPhone users to the rest of the world.

Read the ass-whoopin’ in all its glory here.

If only Fake Steve Jobs could really get in his Gulfstream and slap the shit out of Randall Stephenson. I will hold onto that mental image every time I see one of those damn commercials featuring Luke Wilson lauding the potency of the shitty AT&T Network.

Yea right, douchebags. Tell that to my call you just dropped. In the meantime, I’ll be silently laughing my ass off thanks to Steve.

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